As it is known that one is not allowed to eat before morning prayers, is there any opinion that allows to eat after birkot hashakhar but before tefillah?

  • Chabad eats mezonos before Tefillah, though they use the time between Birchos Hashachar and Tefillah to learn Chassidus. – ezra Apr 3 '19 at 2:36
  • You can wake up really early and eat before dawn – mbloch Apr 3 '19 at 3:07

R' Dovid Chai HaKohen states on yeshiva.org.il:

אם אין ברירה אחרת ולא תוכל להתפלל ולקרוא קריאת שמע לפני העבודה - אפשר להקל ולאכול עוגה קטנה ולשתות איתה כוס קפה או תה חם, אחרי ברכות השחר

If you have no other choice and can not pray and recite Shema before work - one can be lenient and eat a small cake and drink a cup of coffee or hot tea after the morning blessings

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    He is likely referring to situations in the beginning of winter where the time for recitation of Shema is after some people have to start to work – mbloch Apr 3 '19 at 3:08
  • @mbloch right- it's a brief answer and doesn't refer to any sources so could perhaps assume that, however the date posted along with the question is "כ"ה אייר תש"ע" (ie April-June range). But that could just mean that's when it was posted, not when it was asked- hard to determine either way – alicht Apr 3 '19 at 3:19
  • i recall that there is indeed an explicit source for this in shulchan aruch, sorry that i just cant spend time on this at the moment. but, as i recall it shouldn't be hard to find. – DrM Apr 7 '19 at 21:31

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