Sefaria recently added a new section of their app called Resources. In it, you can look up all sorts of source sheets on things I find heretical.

Is it mutar to keep such an app on my phone, with the blatant heresy? I feel like with primary sources like Buber there's less of an issue, because a library is a library, but this may be a bridge too far.

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    Probably also you shouldn't keep Google on your phone. – Double AA Mar 28 at 17:37
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    Do they force one to go through these sections? Or does one have to look for them? If the latter, how different is it from a bookstore or library? I didn't downvote but this question feels like a rant. – mbloch Mar 28 at 17:37
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    @mbloch It's not a rant, but I can see how you can perceive it as such. The app doesn't require you to go through that section, but the argument to say it is similar to a Reform temple, which is assur to enter, is that possessing it lends credence to those stances, now that the app is not just a platform for primary sources. – Yehuda Mar 28 at 17:40
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    Pretty sure such source sheets were publicly available in the past too. Perhaps not through the app? Are you suggesting the app may have been permitted before while the main site would have been prohibited? – Double AA Mar 28 at 17:41
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    The app is an open platform with lots of official texts in their own section and lots of open texts in their own section. Maybe more like a shul with a door going to the Orthodox minyan and one going to an Open Whatever Minyan .... – mbloch Mar 28 at 17:41

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