Rav Eytan Feiner mentioned in a shiur that the tree used to hang Haman was the Eitz HaDaas, based on a Midrash. Where is this Midrash located? (I found Esther Rabba 9:2 which discusses it, but can't find the precise mention of what Rav Feiner was saying.)

  • In the shi'ur he is quoting the Da'as Z'kenim on B'reshis 3:11. Check out the annotated English translation thereof on Sefaria. It is attributed (I think) to דעת זקנים, בתרגום רבי אליהו מונק, and says that the target midrash is unfound.
    – WAF
    Mar 21, 2019 at 18:02
  • Isn’t there a Midrash that it was from the Teivah?
    – DonielF
    Mar 21, 2019 at 18:46
  • @Donielf Midrash Abba Gorion and Yalkut Shimoni are the source for that.
    – ezra
    Mar 21, 2019 at 18:49


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