What is the proper grammar of giving/receiving mishloach manos/shalach manos? I've heard people use both terms as in, "I'm preparing mishloach manos for tomorrow" and "I hope to bring the shalach manos later".

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    As a native [Israeli] Hebrew speaker, I don't know what "shalach" in "shalach manos" is supposed to mean. (In general, Shalach is the masculine singular form of "sent".) – Tamir Evan Mar 17 at 3:00
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    The phrase שלח־מנות is perfectly good Yiddish, so I see no reason to avoid it if using-Yiddish-words-in-English is part of your dialect/register. – magicker72 Mar 18 at 3:48
  1. THe proper form is "Mishloach Manot/s" - משלוח מנות as it appears in the Meggilah:

    "לעשות אותם ימי משתה ושמחה ומשלוח מנות איש לרעהו ומתנות לאביונים"

    Compare to לנוח - מנוח, or לקחת - מלקוח etc.

  2. One can use derivatives of "send" - לשלוח, like "אני שולח מנות", "שלחתי מנות" etc.

  3. There's no such form of a noun as שלח מנות in Hebrew.

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