In Kiddushin 29b it says "a father is obligated... to teach his son Torah" (האב חייב בבנו... וללמדו תורה) and in Nazir 29a it says "a father is obligated to educate his son" (איש חייב לחנך בנו).

What are the differences between לימוד and חינוך?

  • Are you asking about the difference in this specific case or the difference in general? – Lo ani Mar 10 at 20:45
  • In general and throughout the legal literature – Shir Yaakov Mar 10 at 21:14
  • Whoops, misunderatood – Lo ani Mar 10 at 21:57

I'll explain it in two aspects:

  • Simply put, Limud is about knowledge - knowing what's written in the books. Chinuch is about observing and following what's written in those books.

  • Metaphorically, Limud is about intellect, Chinuch is about being a Mentch.

  • Kabbalically, Limud is about 3 Rishonot (חב"ד) and Chinuch is about 7 Tachtonot (Midos).

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