I'm aware of one instance where Tosfos quotes the Rambam:

Menachos 42b- Tosfos dibbur ha'maschil "תפילין יש להן בדיקה" where right at the beginning we see Tosfos write "וכן פי' ה"ר משה בר מיימון".

Are there any other instances in Shas where Tosfos quotes the Rambam? (or vice verse)

  • A quick search on Sefaria indicates that this is the only place in Tosfos where the word מיימון appears. – DonielF Mar 8 at 15:51
  • @DonielF thanks! Sefaria search bar works for you? Hasn't for me in a long time/ if not ever twitter.com/alicht/status/1103558716912254977 also- he can refer to the Rambam without using "מיימון" either by acronym, or well known shita that's attributed to him, or another mechanism – alicht Mar 8 at 15:57
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Tosefos to Berachos 44a, s.v. על העץ, cites the ספר המיימוני.

ובס' המיימוני מצריך להזכיר בה מעין המאורע בשבת ובי"ט

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    Thanks! Presumably the Rambam right? (I mean how many "ספר המיימוני" 's could there be?) – alicht Mar 8 at 17:41

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