What happens if someone gets a yeast infection during Pesach? Does s/he need to worry that it may somehow enter the digestive tract and make the food there chametz? If it's in the bladder and mixes with urine or in the anus and mixes with feces, both of which contain digested food, is that a concern? May one handle the infected area or is that considered chametz, too.

If one finds the yeast during Yom Tov, itself, is it considered muktzah, and would one have to cover himself with a blanket or a huge pot until Hol Hamo'ed?

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  • If it’s in the digestive tract, can it really be considered בל יראה? – DonielF Mar 8 at 3:23
  • Yeast is not Chometz. See this link for an explanation. – arecaps Mar 8 at 3:48
  • @arecaps I know that. It's machmetzet which is also prohibited. – DanF Mar 8 at 15:24

Not a general solution, but...

If it's a woman who has such an infection, and the expected time for her next period is during Pesach, then the proper course of action is to not eat horseradish for marror. For, as the saying goes,

"Yeast is yeast, and וסת is vest, and never the chrein shall meet."

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