I know that some commentators made emendations or provided explanations to Talmudic text, and that some of these can be listened to on dedicated online radio stations. I have found one for the Haga'ot HaBach, and there is one through which one can hear the work of the GRA and even a Rashi Radio, but am still looking for one dedicated to the work of Tosafot.

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  • The link for the Gra is dead. – DonielF Mar 7 at 16:38
  • @DonielF mistyped. Fixed. TY – rosends Mar 7 at 19:11
  • (long live the link for the Gra!) – rosends Mar 7 at 19:36

It's right here - Extra Radio.




If you’re interested in any other Mefarshim, may I recommend the (Maha)RShA, the ROSh, and the RIF?

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