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Why do we still not mention Rebbi Meir's name?

According to the gemarah in Horiyot 13b-14a statements made by Rebbi Meir were dubbed 'acherim' and those of Rebbi Natan were changed to 'yeish omrim'. This was done as a punishment for an attempt that these Rabbis made to embarrass the Nasi.

However, two things then happened. 1) Rebbi Natan went and appeased the Nasi (R' Shimon ben Gamliel) and 2) years later when Rebbi was teaching his son R' Shimon the incident came up and R' Shimon persuaded his father to drop the punishment and instead teach that something was taught in the name of Rebbi Meir

I would like to gain a better understanding of this incident

  1. Why do we still have examples of 'yeish omrim' or 'acherim omrim' if the matter was dropped?
  2. Only Rebbi Natan went an appeased the Nasi, if so why was his punishment ever put into effect in the first place?