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2 the question seems to be on the nature of LSh not of magen avot
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Magen Avot on Pesach Leil Shimmurim Outdoors

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Magen Avot on Pesach

On Shabbos the first night of Pesach, we don't say Magen Avot (Orach Chayim 487:1). The Mishna Berura says that this is because normally Magen Avot is to prevent people who were late to shul being left alone, but Pesach is ליל שמורים so we are guarded from dangers.

How does this help? Even on the original ליל שמורים, the protection did not extend to outside: ואתם לא תצאו איש מפתח ביתו עד בקר (Shemot 12:22). Rashi there says that this command was because it was dangerous outside.

Why does the present day protection on Pesach night apply even outside?