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Siyum of Bava Kama/Metzia/Basra or Sanhedrin/Makkos

I have been told that originally, Bava Kama, Bava Metzia and Bava Basra were one masechta called Maseches Nezikin and that Makkos was part of Maseches Sanhedrin. A siyum of a masechta of Gemora is apparently a Seudas Mitzvah, which is why it can according to most opinions circumvent the prohibition of eating meat and drinking wine during the nine days and also let a bechor (firstborn) not have to fast. If there is a siyum of one of these "Masechtos" (i.e. one or two of the Bavas or only Makkos or Sanhedrin but not both) is it considered a seudas mitzvah?