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Where were sacrifices offered if not in the Temple?

When a woman has to offer sacrifices after being impure (due, for example, to childbirth), where does she bring that offering?

In Masechet K'ritut, the discussion on 8a centers on a woman who has to bring multiple offerings. The Schottenstein notes read, "Like a woman after childbirth, a woman who was a zavah is permitted to cohabit with her husband immediately after her immersion, but may not eat kodashim or enter the temple until she has brought her offerings."

But if she has to bring offerings into the Temple then she can never enter the Temple to bring the offerings because until she does, she is impure and cannot enter the Temple.

Does she bring the (first) offering somewhere else so that she can then enter the "Temple confines" (8a7, note 60)? (were there different areas of the Temple, with different requirements regarding purity?)

Is the bringing of the live bird enough to effect a purity status (so she becomes tahor enough simultaneously with her entrance), regardless of whether the bird ends up being properly sacrificed?