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I have a Mezuzah on my door lintel, but am not Jewish. Am I breaking the law?

My father was Jewish. Sadly, my mother was not. I have always had an interest in my father's religion, even though he was non-practicing. I am very ignorant about anything more than general knowledge with regard to Judaism, but would be very keen to learn more. This requires more than a few simple questions, but I felt the need to give you some background.

The question I have for you is this: I was given a Mezuzah by a Jewish neighbour, who became a close friend. When she sold her flat, she left her Mezuzah. The flat is now rented by a non-Jewish couple. I called her and asked whether I could take the Mezuzah and hang it on my door. I have recently been diagnosed with a chronic disease, and rightly or wrongly she said "yes", as she felt I was in need.

I followed the rules very strictly when hanging the Mezuzah. However my next door neighbour, who is also Jewish, told me I was "breaking the rules".

I did not do this for fun. I take things like this very seriously. It means a great deal to me to have a Mezuzah on my door, I understand a little of the meaning, and was given this by someone who cares about me.

Have I done anything wrong according to the law?

Very many thanks. Miss J. Belger