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How much must one do to to sign a contract?

Nowadays most software comes with a EULA. In order to install the software one must click the "agree" button. However, there are some software that says are distributed through different licenses. For example,

1.A Browse-wrap license - There is no "agree" button on such websites, one just clicks download and he is legally assumed to have read and agreed to the license.
2. A Shrink-wrap contract - There is no agree button on the software, and one cannot read the license agreement before buying the software. One is assumed to have read and agreed to the license just by virtue of the fact that he didn't return the program.
3. Many Gedolim pictures and CDs have a line on them "sold on condition to not duplicate". The user never signed or agreed to this condition (especially if another purchased the picture from a store and gave it to him),

Are any of these licenses valid?

Sources please.