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Can one bring a Korban nowadays?

Assuming we don't have a problem with the Dome of the rock.

Has anyone discussed sacrifices nowadays regarding:

  1. Can (and should) one bring sacrifices nowadays as we don't know the exact location for the Altar.
  2. Who should be doing the sacrifices, as we don't have true Kohanim Meyuchasim nowadays (all Kohanim are only assumed Kohanim as we have no outside proof of their Kehuna status.
  3. A convert must bring a sacrifice upon converting. Nowadays, we can't bring sacrifices so they don't have to, and are considered normal Jews until the Beis Hamikdash is built.

    In a situation where we would have full control over the Temple mount, if one is allowed bring a korban, all converts would have to do so. However, if one would not be allowed to bring a korban (either because one doesn't know who is a real kohen, etc.) one would naturally be forbidden to bring a korban.

    Would we then say that all converts would revert back to a doubt?