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Sep 30 '21 at 3:33 comment added mbloch @JoelK you are right, the relevant part of the gemara is actually the baraita, not the statement from R Yosei bar Ḥanina
Sep 29 '21 at 22:02 comment added Joel K @mbloch The source in chagigah is a beraita, which would seem to be earlier than Rav
Sep 29 '21 at 16:49 comment added mbloch @Harel13 Yes the midrash is earlier than Rashi. The midrash Raba is a midrash from the Sages of the Talmud which predate Rashi by hundreds of years. In this case, R Yosei bar Ḥanina from the gemara in Chagiga is a 2nd generation Amora, a student of R Yochanan in Israel. R Abba bar Kahana from the midrash is a 3rd generation amora, the son of R Kahana II who lived both in Bavel and Israel. But he brings a saying in the name of Rav, a 1st generation Amora, who is therefore the earliest source
Sep 29 '21 at 15:48 comment added Harel13 Do you mean the midrash is earlier than Rashi or earlier than even the gemara brought in the other answer?
Sep 29 '21 at 5:04 history answered mbloch CC BY-SA 4.0