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Top new questions this week:

Catching up the missing weeks of Krias Hatorah

Due to the current health crisis, all shuls are closed. As a result, the weekly Torsh portion will not be read. After this is all over and synagogue services are resumed, will we: Continue where we ...

halacha synagogue torah-reading  
asked by chortkov2 8 votes
answered by sam 10 votes

Why can a baby get Tzaraas?

Reference in Gemora Shabbos 133a Daf Yomi recently to tzaraas (skin disease see Leviticus 13) on the foreskin regarding mila (circumcission). This implies babies can have tzaraas. If tzaraas is not ...

talmud-gemara reward-punishment maseches-shabbos baby-infant tzaraas-negaim  
asked by Adrian Muller 7 votes
answered by user15464 3 votes

Is Shenayim Mikra dependent on there being a public Torah-reading?

The Talmud (Berachot 8a) states: אמר רב הונא בר יהודה אמר רבי אמי לעולם ישלים אדם פרשיותיו עם הצבור שנים מקרא ואחד תרגום ואפילו ואפילו עטרות ודיבון שכל המשלים פרשיותיו עם הצבור מאריכין לו ימיו ...

halacha torah-reading shnayim-mikra  
asked by Alex 7 votes
answered by sabbahillel 2 votes

What is the antidote for a woman's yetzer hara?

The Gemora in Kiddushin 30b says כך הקב"ה אמר להם לישראל בני בראתי יצר הרע ובראתי לו תורה תבלין ואם אתם עוסקים בתורה אין אתם נמסרים בידו So said Hashem to Israel, "My children, I created ...

women evil-inclination  
asked by gordon613 5 votes
answered by Salmononius2 4 votes

Has anyone proposed to recreate the system of 24 ma'amadot, since the Dispersal?

The Mishna, in Ta'anit 4:1-4, describes an institution called ma'amadot: Just as the Kohens and Levites were divided into 24 clans, which each handled the Temple service for two non-holiday weeks of ...

golus-exile masechet-taanis temple-service-avoda  
asked by Isaac Moses 5 votes

Gedolim on Spanish Flu

Did the Gedolim of the time during whcih the Spanish Flu was spreading (and killed anywhere from 17 million to 50 million people) comment on it and provide any halachic guidance on whether to permit ...

choleh-sick history  
asked by Mordechai ben Yosef 5 votes

Which witch should not live?

"מְכַשֵּׁפָ֖ה לֹ֥א תְחַיֶּֽה׃" "You shall not tolerate a sorceress." (Exodus 22:17) Is the commandment of not allowing sorcerers and the like to live specifically against Jewish sorcerers or ...

gentiles sorcery-magic-kishuf  
asked by Harel13 4 votes
answered by DonielF 5 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How many words are there in Tanach?

How many letters are in the Torah? How many words are in the Torah? How many verses are in the Torah? How many chapters are in the Torah? How many letters, words, verses, and chapters are in every ...

words number tanach aleph-bet-letters statistics  
asked by user6781 9 votes
answered by user6781 10 votes

Can a rabbi conduct a marriage if the bride is already pregnant from the groom?

Are there any prohibitions against or stipulations for conducting a marriage between a woman and the man who recently impregnated her, assuming they are otherwise fit for marriage.

halacha marriage pregnancy-birth  
asked by Meliorate 10 votes
answered by Shalom 18 votes

Reliability of the OKS

I dont know if this type of question is allowed but I was told to ask it here The symbol is on some restaurants in the NY tri-state area (like Crumbs Bake Shop for example) and I have heard of quite ...

food kashrut-kosher hechsher-certification  
asked by Naftali aka Neal 6 votes
answered by user1163 12 votes

Do Rabbis get punished in Heaven for wrong interpretations or claims?

I had a Zchus of serving a great Rabbi Z"l here in Jerusalem who wrote lots of books on Torah as well as on Halacha and Shu"t. I helped him publishing his books for a decade and for his last years I ...

parshanut-torah-comment hashkafah-philosophy  
asked by Al Berko 17 votes
answered by Alex 15 votes

Why is age 3 the age at which a girl is able to have intercourse?

In msh210's answer to this question of mine, he stated that: women...who physically could be [intimate with men], which is those who had reached their third birthday. In comments, he mentioned ...

women minor-katan-child sexuality age  
asked by SSumner 9 votes
answered by Hod - Monica's Army 16 votes

Bracha on Food for Life Ezekiel 4:9 Sprouted Grain Bread

Food for Life manufactures a bread under the Hashgacha of the Kaf-K called Ezekiel 4:9 Sprouted Grain Bread This bread is flourless and has the following ingredients. Organic Sprouted Whole Wheat, ...

halacha food blessing  
asked by Gershon Gold 8 votes
answered by Shalom 9 votes

What does adultery mean in the 7th commandment?

Exodus 20:14, the 7th 'commandment' of the Decalogue. Does it mean only having sex with someone else' wife or having sex outside marriage? What is the actual Hebrew word and what possible ...

parshanut-torah-comment parashas-yisro aseres-hadibros arayot  
asked by user4951 8 votes
answered by Shalom 11 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Hagalah Hot Stone

The Shulchan Aruch (451:6) discusses the use of inserting a hot stone into a large pot of boiling water to complete the hagala process. Aside from the 'border-lip' option mentioned in the Shulchan ...

how-to kashering-kosherization  
asked by NJM 1 vote
answered by NJM 0 votes

Who was the last Samukh (סמוך)?

Who was the last 'Samukh' (סמוך)? Rambam stated in the introduction of his book, that the last Sanhedrin (סנהדרין) was a little before the Talmud was edited. But it says nothing about the last ...

history historical-figures  
asked by Ubiquitous Student 2 votes

What is the difference between a "Chaver" and a regular Friend (Chaver)?

In the gemara it seems to sometimes refer to someone as a Chaver in a halachik sense and other times in a sense of meaning just a friend. What is the difference and how would one delineate between the ...

asked by The Thinking Yid 1 vote
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