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Top new questions this week:

History of Chabad Moshiach flag

I'm working up a presentation on flags in our history, and I need information on the unofficial but commonly displayed Chabad Moshiach flag. Does anyone know when and where it was first flown, and ...

messiah chabad malchut-royalty symbols-symbology color  
asked by cosmansbcglobalnet 7 votes
answered by Harel13 4 votes

Temple Institute menorah

Recently I was zoche to visit Eretz Yisroel, and my family went on the Temple Institute (Mechon Hamikdash) tour, very interesting. They showed their beautiful menorah, which they said had been made ...

rambam beis-hamikdash menorah--in-temple  
asked by MichoelR 6 votes
answered by N.T. 1 vote

Why hasn't the coronavirus pandemic had a greater impact on kashrut supervision?

When the pandemic first began I expected dramatic repercussions to kashrut certification. Being a novice in this area I had understood that certifying organizations would need to be physically present ...

kashrut-kosher covid19-pandemic  
asked by rikitikitembo 4 votes

What Biblical couple is the standard for happy and healthy marital relations?

On Shabbos, we bless our kids with Brochos to grow like our forefathers/mothers. When my kid announced that he's getting married I exclaimed "may God put your marriage like..." and got stuck ...

hashkafah-philosophy marriage avot-patriarch-fathers love  
asked by Al Berko 4 votes

Are there any examples of "par ha'elem davar" in Tanakh or Talmud?

In Lev. 4:13-15, we learn If it is the whole community of Israel that has erred and the matter escapes the notice of the congregation, so that they do any of the things which by the LORD’s ...

tanach korban sanhedrin  
asked by Jeremy 4 votes

Is a baby born on Shabbos Muktza as Nolad?

Is a baby born on Shabbos Muktza as Nolad until the end of Shabbos? I mean, he is quite literally Nolad - born on Shabbos. I understand that anything that the baby needs would would obviously be Mutar ...

halacha shabbat pregnancy-birth muktzeh baby-infant  
asked by Eliyahu 3 votes
answered by Meir 1 vote

Penultimate stress of אתה

By default, the world אַתָּה (you) has a final stress. If I am correct (and the concordance as well), out of 172 occurrences 159 satisfies this rule in the Torah (92%).* However, if this word is in a ...

grammar-dikduk trop-cantillation vowels-nekudot  
asked by Kazi bácsi 3 votes
answered by magicker72 5 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What are the symbols of the 12 tribes?

I remember that every tribe has his own symbol, e.g. Benjamin's symbol is a wolf. What are the symbols of the 12 tribes? (I am especially interested in knowing what the symbol is for Levi.)

symbols-symbology shevatim-12-tribes  
asked by Benjamin 12 votes
answered by Noam Sienna 20 votes

Is one allowed to smoke Marijuana?

Not taking into account Dina D'malchusa, what are the Halachic problems with smoking marijuana? Is it allowed?

halacha health-safety-shmira intoxication marijuana  
asked by Shmuel 37 votes

How many words are there in Tanach?

How many letters are in the Torah? How many words are in the Torah? How many verses are in the Torah? How many chapters are in the Torah? How many letters, words, verses, and chapters are in every ...

words number tanach aleph-bet-letters statistics  
asked by user6781 9 votes
answered by user6781 11 votes

Can a fiance sleep at his in-law's?

Seems to be a minhag that a fiance shall not sleep at his future in-law's house. Even just as a guest for one night. And obviously, even if there is no problem of yichud. Is there a reference in ...

minhag derech-eretz-manners yichud-seclusion engagement-shidduch  
asked by yO_ 11 votes
answered by sam 12 votes

what does baruch atah Hashem mean?

most times, the beginning of a beracha is Baruch Atah Adonai, etc. which is usually translated as Blessed are You God, etc. what does it mean to say that God is blessed? (on the surface it implies ...

blessing words hebrew  
asked by ray 8 votes
answered by Ypnypn 9 votes

Is there a problem with Triangle K? If so, what?

I want to know what the OU's or any other Orthodox kashrut agency's problem is with Triangle K. I have read about the Ralbag family which founded and runs the Triangle K and they are clearly Orthodox. ...

kashrut-kosher hechsher-certification  
asked by Mark 36 votes
answered by Menachem 17 votes

what is "kodesh"?

What does the word קֹדֶשׁ (sometimes קודש), kodesh, mean? Its form is that of a noun, like אֹכֶל or בֹּקֶר or לֹבֶן. But קדושה is a noun, and (I'm pretty sure) it means "the state/quality of being ...

words hebrew kedusha-holiness  
asked by msh210 10 votes
answered by Alex 9 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Tikkune Zohar English Translation Online

Is there an online English translation to Tikkune Zohar? If so where do I find it .

product-recommendation internet translation english zohar  
asked by Chanina Yaacov 1 vote

Shevuah worded in the negative

I've been bothered for a long time: Throughout Tanach, shevuos (oaths) and brisos (covenants) are phrased in the negative (where it doesn't just say, I swear __, like בי נשבעתי ___). Generally ...

avot-patriarch-fathers nedarim-shevuot covenant lavan  
asked by MichoelR 2 votes
answered by MichoelR 0 votes

Yaakov, Lavan, and the sheep deal(s)

Yaakov tells Lavan that "You changed my wages ten times." [Chazal: actually a hundred times.] It's a sad story. If Lavan had just given Yaakov normal wages, מחצית שכר - splitting the outcome ...

avot-patriarch-fathers emes-truth-honesty lavan  
asked by MichoelR 1 vote
answered by MichoelR 0 votes
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