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Top new questions this week:

What is the source for: One shouldn't name a baby using names from before Abraham

I've heard or I've been taught one shouldn't name a baby (or take a name, in the case of a ger) from names in the Torah before Abraham, namely Adam, Noah etc. This makes sense to me, as Abraham is the ...

names abraham baby-infant  
asked by Nissim Nanach 6 votes
answered by Double AA 16 votes

Why does Naomi talk in masculine form to her daughters-in-law?

In Rus 1:8, Naomi is telling her two daughters-in-law that they should return to their homes. וַתֹּ֤אמֶר נָעֳמִי֙ לִשְׁתֵּ֣י כַלֹּתֶ֔יהָ לֵ֣כְנָה שֹּׁ֔בְנָה אִשָּׁ֖ה לְבֵ֣ית אִמָּ֑הּ יעשה [יַ֣עַשׂ] ...

grammar-dikduk book-of-ruth grammatical-gender  
asked by Dani 5 votes

Miriam as the Ancestor of King David

We learn that King David was descended from Miriam (the sister of Moshe Rabbenu). See סוטה (יא ב) Sotah 11A. Miriam was married to Calev and is Hur's father. See רש"י שמות פרק כד פסוק יד Rashi ...

king-david genealogy miriam  
asked by steve nachman 5 votes
answered by b a 5 votes

May a Kohen with Auto-Brewery Syndrome Duchan?

This question is related to another question asked (How much alcohol does one need to consume in order to be halachically drunk or intoxicated?). Auto-Brewery Syndrome is a condition in which fungi or ...

halacha halacha-theory kohen-priest choleh-sick intoxication  
asked by Moshe 5 votes

Bowing at the royal coat of arms

In British Magistrate and Crown Courts the royal coat of arms is located behind the bench where the magistrates or judge sit. It is etiquette for solicitors/barristers and anyone giving evidence to ...

halacha avodah-zarah malchut-royalty derech-eretz-manners civil-procedure  
asked by EliDov 4 votes
answered by dassiwithani 1 vote

Was the Rambam familiar with 'Tosfos'?

Is there any evidence attesting to the fact that Rambam was even remotely familiar with the writings of any of the Ba'ale Tosafot? The reason I ask is because Wikipedia makes the claim that the ...

rambam tosfot  
asked by El Shteiger 4 votes
answered by b a 6 votes

Would someone please translate this midrash on the death of Moshe?

https://www.scribd.com/document/506081968/Death-of-Moses-Midrash There is apparently no translation of this text already in English. The document is a bit long (about 10 pages), so to anyone who would ...

midrash translation moshe-rabbeinu  
asked by Phillip 4 votes
answered by Harel13 9 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

"Anyone who saves a life is as if he saved an entire world": Jewish life or any life?

I am puzzled by the Mishnah's original text of the famous Jewish idea that "whoever saves one life [...] saves an entire world" (Sanhedrin 4:5). The English from sefaria.org reads thus: "It was for ...

hebrew translation mishna derech-eretz-manners maseches-sanhedrin  
asked by SAH 17 votes
answered by kouty 20 votes

Why is there room to allow for riding a bike on Shabbat, but not playing a musical instrument?

As I understand prohibition of both is under the basis that it could lead to them being repaired. However there are poskim that consider riding a bike permissible. Why would it be okay to ride a bike ...

halacha shabbat  
asked by Finnegan 6 votes
answered by Alex 14 votes

Why did the Israelites build a golden calf in the desert?

Why did the Israelites build a golden calf in the desert? The question is, why a calf? Why not a golden cat, a golden eagle, a golden lion, golden parachutes or a gold bar? Of all the images they ...

animals golden-calf-egel  
asked by user4951 6 votes
answered by rosends 9 votes

Can a gentile go to Synagogue on Shabbat and what is forbidden on Shabbat for a gentile?

Is a gentile allowed to participate in Shabbat prayers in a Synagogue (of course he/she will not count for a minyan) if they do so in order to gain knowledge of Jewish customs for the purpose of ...

shabbat gentiles conversion-to-judaism synagogue  
asked by MichaelS 12 votes
answered by Monica Cellio 12 votes

Declare a leap year due to coronavirus?

Today (23 March 2020) Israel's Supreme Court rejected a petition to declare this year a leap year so Pessah can be postponed for a month, and the seders don't have to occur during a lockdown (...

passover calendar sanhedrin leap-years  
asked by Maurice Mizrahi 12 votes
answered by Kazi bácsi 12 votes

Rules for Cutting Nails

My question about nail-cutting is whether each of the following is halacha, minhag, or old-wives' tales. Not cutting both fingernails and toenails on the same day. Not cutting nails at night (is this ...

halacha minhag nail-cutting  
asked by Tzvi 11 votes
answered by Yirmeyahu 14 votes

When is the latest time you can daven minchah bedieved?

If you realized that you didn't yet daven minchah and it's past shekiyah, when is the latest that you can begin praying the Amidah? I'm looking for different people's cutoffs.

halacha tefilla shemoneh-esrei zemanim mincha-afternoon-prayer  
asked by Ani Yodea 12 votes
answered by Avrohom Yitzchok 9 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Do commercially produced barley matzos exist?

From what I understand, there are commercially produced matzos made from wheat (including spelt) and rye and oats. For some reason, I cannot find commercially produced barley matzos. Do they exist? If ...

product-recommendation passover matzah dagan-five-grains  
asked by 7MessRobHackOpen 1 vote

Source for Baal Shem Tov's advice to parents with troubled teen - "Love him more"

The story is related about a father whose son was becoming increasingly disinterested with Yiddishkeit and moving ever closer to going off the derech. He went to seek the advice of the Baal Shem Tov, ...

sources-mekorot kiruv-outreach baal-shem-tov  
asked by Dov 2 votes

Venishmartem Halachic guidelines regarding large gathering of Jews

Following the horrible tragedy at Miron, where 45 Jews lost their lives in a stampede, I wondered that large-scale religious gatherings are very indeed very frequent, especially in Hassidic ...

halacha pikuachnefesh-danger-life  
asked by Al Berko 2 votes
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