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comment Newspaper Delivery on Shabbos
That's a cleat violation of shabbos. This is not.
comment Oops, I just missed the siyum for Fast of the Firstborn
What about the siyumim that are braodcast over the radio during the 9 days?
comment Did Rav Moshe Feinstein pronounce his last name “Feinstain” or “Feinsteen”?
@S. (O.T.M.L.?): I don't think R Moshe was Lithuanian, he was Russian. Yes, he was a Litvak as he wasn't a chassid, but I don't think Russians had that pronunciation. Recently heard a speech by R Kaminetzky, author of M.O. a Gadol, that R' Elya Svei's name was the hebrew word Shvo, one of the gems from the kohens breastplate. It was said as "Svei" because of their Lithuanian way of speaking. The "SH" became "S" and the "O" became "AY".
comment A restroom in a formerly-kosher eatery vs. one in a never-kosher eatery: which is preferable?
@ WAF: I have sat in non-kosher restaurants with my kippa on (in New York) since It is common place for Jews to meet non-Jews for a meeting in one. I realize when I see a Jew in a non-kosher rest. that there must be some reason for his being there other than the cheese burgers. The shuir you referenced doesn't seem to indicate that it is B'dieved in New Yorl to do so, and especially if ones intent is to just use the bathroom.
comment What's the deal with showering on yom tov?
@zach: I think the Rav (R' Solovetchik) permitted using liquid soap.