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I learn and teach in jerusalem

comment How to learn gemara independently
There are audio shiurs that clearly explain the sefarim you mentioned koltora.com/english.php
comment Significance of the gemara statment תיקו Teku?
The mevo hatalmud doesn't seem to qualify it. Neither does Darchei Noam nor Klalei Hashas by Machazor Vitri.Halichos Olam also brings the same rule down. The Yavin Shemua on the bottom of the halichos olam states that the Rambam held teku are D'orraitta lechumara. The Rosh holds that all isur lechumra even regarding D'rabanan. Look there in the Yavin Shemua ,he brings down many permutations regarding this chiluk
comment Do any Rishonim discuss how to approach Rashi's commentary on gemara?
It looks like it was written by the kitzur mevo hatalmud which was written by the son of the Mesores Hashas. Not sure if he is a Rishon or early Ahcron. Even so looks like he is a heavy hitter.The Radbaz usually says some of the same points.