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I'm a database developer for a CRO that does pharmaceutical and chemical studies. My duties include: designing and building databases, troubleshooting database performance issues, building SSRS reports, installing and configuring SQL Server (2005 and 2008), configuring SQL Server security, configuring SSRS security, and some other stuff.

I also build on-line surveys in PHP using a MSSQL Server 2005 backend for an Economic Development Consulting company.

comment Is a Jew allowed to participate on Christianity.SE?
As a member of the Christianity.SE site, I would say that EVERYONE is welcome, as long as they stick to the rules and make questions related to Christianity. edit- to respond to some of the comments. The point of an SE site is to help people answer questions they have about a topic, not to promote that topic. edit 2- also, this question should probably be on the Judaism meta site instead of the main site