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I am a former computer programmer/technical writer and am currenlty retired. I have been involved in researching genealogy in the Spis Region of Slovakia and certain towns in Poland. Since there are almost no Jews living in the Spis Region now, I have a colleague, an Evangelical Christian, living in Kezmarok, who has undertaken to travel and photograph tombstones in the abandoned/destroyed/neglected Jewish Cemeteries there.

Since 2004, he has e-mailed me these photographs and I have translated and captured relevant information from the tombstones. He has also found birth, marriage, and death records for the same towns, and we maintain spreadsheets of this information. We also published a small book about our findings.

People looking for their ancestors have benefited greatly from this information.

Some of my questions are a direct result from my on-going research and attempts to understand what I cannot find anywhere else.

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