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comment Yom Kippur and IV drips
@DanF: that's very thoughtful of you; thank-you. In fact, I have by now made a complete recovery (that's why I have the time and energy to post silly questions here) so I don't think I will need to take you up on your kind offer. But thank-you again!
comment ribis and foreign currency conversion
Actually, I'm not a little confused about the scope of that leniency. Suppose A owns 1 share of apple stock, or of some other stock which doesn't pay a dividend. Can B lend A 100 shares of the stock for a year? Since the stock could well appreciate considerably, the borrower would probably end up paying back something noticeably worth more than they borrowed---is this really ok?
comment ribis and foreign currency conversion
Thanks! A very helpful answer. I hadn't realized there was this leniency concerning the case where the borrower has one unit of the currency in question. Indeed, from the link you sent, I think that it wouldn't even be necessary to give the borrower one pound---the borrower lives in the UK and has some pounds already, so the lender could just lend them pounds; is that correct? Alternately, the lender could give the borrower $1, then lend in dollars with relayment in dollars. Is that also correct?