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I am not Jewish, but am very curious about Judaism - i'm eager to learn and grow in knowledge. I personally support Israel, and believe the United States of America (my beloved home) is doomed if our government forces Israel to re-portion it's land. It really saddens me to see the direction the United States is going, very sad. (I figured this was appropriate here).

I do not know a lot of the Jewish terminology, and am not knowledgeable in Jewish studies. I just wanna learn and understand Judaism the best I can.

(For instance: when I first came here, I had no clue what people were saying when they were talking about Hashem. Though, eventually I figured people were speaking of G-d, but had to do a Google search to find that Hashem is used in casual talk to refer to G-d.) Most of the questions I've read here are somewhat confusing, there are lots of words and names I don't understand or have never heard of.

If you think I've said anything antagonistic or rude, just let me know, I probably didn't realize it.