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For my day job, I am the Director of Research and Senior Principal Scientist for a boutique R & D company specializing in offensive cyber-security supporting the US DoD and IC. My wider areas are complex malware, moving target defenses, adversarial dynamics, info ops and quantitative compositional risk analysis / management of systems.

I used to be an assistant professor of computer science (I am sometimes still adjunct professor of CS). I hold a Ph.D. in Engineering Sciences from Dartmouth College (NH), a Master’s of Engineering in Operations Research and Industrial Engineering from Cornell University (NY) and a Bachelor’s of Arts in Computer Science from Brown University (RI).

I am a recognized Subject Matter Expert in US Federal court on the topics of computer security, programming, risk profiling, code logs and general forensics. In addition, I work as a consultant in depositions, expert witness, Daubert Frye, law cases in general.

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