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I'm an elected moderator on Mi Yodeya and The Workplace, and a pro-tempore mod on Writers and WorldBuilding. Professionally, I'm a technical writer who works with (and often helps design) programming interfaces. I'd love to see more tech-writing questions on Writers.SE.

I joined Stack Exchange so I could commit to the proposal for Mi Yodeya. I ask lots of questions to learn from the many knowledgeable Yodeyans. My answers tend to be mostly to practical "Jewish life" questions.

The SE network has many fine sites. Occasionally, a site doesn't match how it advertises itself, in a way that causes problems for users. So I offer a word of warning about one site that is especially harmful to Jews: before you join Biblical Hermeneutics, I urge you to consider these words from a 10k user who was ill-treated and ultimately driven out by religious zealots. They want people to help build their site (which they say is non-religious), but they allow Christian evangelism and presumption, quite a bit of it. If you're Jewish (or certain other religions too), you are likely to run into difficulties there. Learn from another's mistake, and please consult your rabbi. (More info on our meta.) See also: Working with idolaters, infidels, and the impious: can interfaith discourse work?

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