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assalaamu `alaykum, raHmat Allah wa-barakaatuhu [Arabic - العربية]

shalom `alekhem, raHamei Elohim uvirkhothaw [Hebrew - עברית]

"Peace be upon you, as are the mercies of God and His blessings."

I am a Maimonist (a term I coined to distinguish myself from being understood as a "Rambamist"). This means that while I greatly and most sincerely admire the life and works of the Rambam (Rabbi Mosheh ben Maimon, "Maimonides") in both hashqafah and halakhah, I do not feel bound to hold him as either philosophically or halakhically infallible. Instead, I use his approach and do my best to be true to the unique and stable path which he gave to Torah Judaism.

I am also Meqori (a Hebrew term meaning essentially "originalist"/"source-based"). This means that I seek to be authentic in my Judaism and put emphasis on the texts of Hazal, the Geonim, and the early Rishonim, before all else which came after them.

The mission statement of my life and journey is:

"To discover and practice the simple, consistent, and portable rabbinic Judaism of our fathers."

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