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I am a Maimonist (a term I coined to distinguish myself from being understood as a "Rambamist"). This means that while I greatly and vastly admire the life and works of the Rambam (Rabbi Mosheh ben Maimon, "Maimonides") in both hashqafah and halakhah, I do not feel bound to hold him as either philosophically or halakhicly infallible. Instead, I use his approach and do my best to be true to the unique path which he gave to Torah Judaism.

I am also Meqori (a Hebrew term meaning essentially "originalist"/"source-based"). This means that I seek to be authentic in my Judaism and put emphasis on the texts of Hazal, the Geonim, and the early Rishonim.

The mission statement of my life and journey is:

"To discover and practice the simple, consistent, and portable rabbinic Judaism of our fathers."

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