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For the last 57 years, I have been a practicing Christian (liberally conservative and evangelical). Should any posting I make to any Stack Exchange website pique your curiosity as to the what and why of my beliefs, feel free to communicate with me at drlarter@yahoo.com. I do not claim to have all the answers--let alone all the questions(!), but I would consider it a privilege to discuss Christianity with you in a rational and civilized fashion.

My wife (a native Egyptian and Christian) and I have been married over 41 years. We have two grown children who have flown the coop, making us empty nesters.

I have a Master's degree in Speech Communications and three years of doctoral studies in Rhetorical Theory at the University of Pittsburgh. After a brief stint as a teacher of public speaking, I embarked on a couple of different and totally divergent pursuits by owning and operating two small businesses.

Tired of being in business for myself, I went back to school at Duquesne University's Paralegal Institute in Pittsburgh, where I received a General Practice Certificate last December (2013). I am currently looking for employment in that field, and would like to round out the last stage of my work life in some area of jurisprudence.

A rhetorical perspective is almost as natural to me as breathing. Overt and covert attempts at persuasion, whether written or spoken, are my legitimate targets for analysis, evaluation, and criticism. Of particular interest to the EL&U web site contributors would be, with some adaptations and modifications, the traditional canons of speech: style (elocutio), invention (inventio), organization (dispositio), memorability (memoria), and delivery (pronuntiatio or actio) .

comment I need people from the Tanakh who represent “curiosity”, “impatience”, and “resignation”
I will pray to YHWH-Rapha (Exodus 15:26), the "G_d who heals" (ויאמר אם שׁמוע תשׁמע לקול יהוה אלהיך) that He will have pity on your dear son and heal him in His way and in His time. Don
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comment How do we know that God exists?
That's fine with me. I basically said what I wanted to say, and if in doing so I influenced only one person to think there might be a scintilla of truth in what I said about God's Word being believers' primary authority, then I will consider my efforts to have been amply rewarded. Best wishes, Monica. Don, rhetorician.
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Redacted virtually all content centered on unbelief as opposed to content centered on belief. Added an adendum, too!
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comment How did Avraham discover that God exists?
Gotcha! Makes sense. Don Larter, rhetorician
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