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mcgafter noun

A makeshift instrument or tool (mechanical, electronic or otherwise) whereby one may gaff (poke, hook, hack) something to achieve the desired result. Works better when it gets attached to a mcgoerie*. Very common worldwide especially in parts of Africa where it has been known to be the tool of choice of even high level government officials for all governmental problems.

mcgoerie noun

A well designed tool similar in shape and function to a mcgafter* yet completely different in it's purpose. May also be used on it's own. Uses of this instrument are very rare and appears to only occur in the countries of Namibia, Zimbabwe, Lesotho and South Africa, as well as where former residents of those countries have dispersed abroad.

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comment What is the most common way of indicating qere/kethib in the biblical text?
Good, that's kind of what I expected.
comment Why do people say that Abraham and his family were idolaters at first?
@Danno Thanks. Joshua 24:2 is obviously enough of an explanation to give a possible idea of where the general consensus for it has come from. So I'll accept that as the answer for my purpose. Regarding Abraham's believes; you are right but I would've thought like any child, one starts off in the religion of your parents. Then as you age you begin to see the only true way to God (through Him providing Himself a lamb [Gen22:8]) and either accept it or reject it for idols.
comment Why do people say that Abraham and his family were idolaters at first?
@DoubleAA Not really. The LORD may use whom He pleases. It's just that I would like to know where the argument originated from, and whether we have any proof that it is true, since many people preach it as if it is true.