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comment Do I make hamotzi over raw dough?
For you to make Hamotzi the bread has to be baked. Shehakol is appropriate.
comment Nose rings allowed or not allowed?
Interesting question, i was wondering if you read this too. Its regarding Chukat Goyim judaism.stackexchange.com/questions/535/…
comment Pasta-decorated items in Pesaj
You need to get rid of all chametz in your dwelling. I think it means you need to get rid of your picture frame. It might seem hard to separate with it, but if the Master of the Universe commanded it then you have to do it.
comment Benefit from a Christian business
Just got my answer from Rabbi Mizrachi goo.gl/CjTwF5
comment Shabbos activities for kids
Thank you for your answer, i really appreciate it. We just had a good shabbos today. We went for a walk and read some books. I think the kids enjoyed today.
comment Shabbos activities for kids
@MonicaCellio thank you for the link.
comment Which communities do not allow women to smoke?
I think Yishai is right,its generally frowned on. someone argued that smokers have a bigger burden on shabbos.
comment Can tax ever be considered maaser?
Last week i learnt that school fees and yeshiva fees can be Masser.
comment December 25 Greetings
Personally i don't say it. They are worshiping an idol and from what i have learnt you shouldn't even have mercy on them. So by saying these things to them i personally believe you are taking part in their services. For example, my family is christian and from time to time i have meals with them, i don't say amen when they pray before meals and i don't close my eyes either.
comment Correct translation Hebrew to English Joel 1:8
Thank you for your help. Makes it clear.
comment In What Sense Non Jews Should Obey/Disobey Torah?
I can not answer your questions but i would like to point you to a question someone asked. You might get some answers. judaism.stackexchange.com/questions/20403/…
comment Am I liable to be stoned for my devotion to Hashem and the Jewish people?
Thank you for asking this question. I am in the same situation as you. I have been learning Torah for nearly two years. And i abandoned all my friends and family because of this. However the unfortunate thing is that my wife will not convert with me and no Rabbi will agree to help me with the conversion process. I feel like i am in a big hall and i don't know how to come of it. My heart will not allow me to keep the 7 laws, I want more of Hashem, nothing less. I learn from divineinformation.com and other sources.