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Converting to Judaism.

comment Recognition of Chabad conversions
I am still currently still trying to find out where I found this information, and if anyone has any ideas on another way to word the question would be quite helpful. I will put the links up of where I read the information, if I can find it again.
comment Recognition of Chabad conversions
I have heard in a few places and seen comments on websites, articles on websites, and have even heard it from a few Jewish friends that Chabad is not Judaism, because certain members feel that the Rebbe was moshiach. I will try to find one of the places I read it. But I will be very glad if I am wrong and Chabad conversions are valid.
comment Cryonics in Judaism
Cryonics is preserving a dead body with the hope that one day they will have the right technology to be able to resuscitate them.