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Just cut-n-pasting from my resume, someday to be cleaned up of some of the resulting pretentiousness. Sorry.

Micha BergerRabbi Micha Berger is a father and husband, and sees in those roles much of the expression of his Judaism – and his Mussar work. He was a student of Rav Dovid Lifshitz, the Suvalker Rav zt”l, at Yeshivas Rabbeinu Yitzchak Elchanan (a Yeshiva University affiliate). From this contact, Rabbi Berger took away a dream to infuse his Jewish practice with the blend of love, Mussar and grounding in Jewish thought that marked Rav Dovid’s Torah and life. To that end, he established The AishDas Society.

As Rabbi Micha Berger is a computer programmer by profession, AishDas can provide both in-person contact with people seeking similar goals, as well as electronic communication for people may otherwise feel alone in this dream. AishDas is a community of Orthodox Jews looking to create a synthesis of the “aish”, the fire of inspiration and faith, with the “das” of full halachic observance, to create a Judaism that both fully is and yet is greater than either of the parts.

Rabbi Berger has spoken to audiences that varied in background from unaffiliated to Orthodox yeshiva graduates on subjects of Jewish Thought, Mussar, and the meaning of our tefillos. In addition he regularly gives a class on the siddur (recordings available on this blog), and wrote for a book on child and spousal abuse, another on middos development, and for Mesukim MiDevash, a weekly newsletter on these topics. His work has been described in HaModia and Yated Neeman, as well as having earned mention in the Orthodox Union’s Jewish Action and The Jerusalem Report.

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