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comment Kiruv and halachik compromise
In short, a shikul daat is unnecessary in such a communal and emotional issue; compassion for the people is the major factor working. The yoke of halakha can't weigh heavily in this situation or else these people will run away. As said certain considerations must be made. No outright halakha is being broken, but loopholes and kulot are utilized
comment Kiruv and halachik compromise
So the quick answer is no. No there isn't a written down shikul daat. But there need not be one. Rabbis always had to conform to the realities of the community. A good halakhic concept that encasilates this is שאין גוזרין גזירה על הצבור אלא אם כן רוב צבור יכולין לעמוד בה. This is not to say that whatever the community wants goes, but that the rabbi considers his people in his decisions. The kiruv organizations and the rabbis running it realize this and as such they try to consider all the possibilities.