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comment Yichud with a transgender person?
True, hence my last sentence: since his default position is that the person is no longer obligated in Mitzvos that apply to men, the extension of this is that the person is now considered a woman - how else could they now be absolved from all Mitzvos for men? He only parenthetically states that perhaps they remain obligated in those mitzvos - in other words, they remain a man for purposes of halacha. Therefore his default position, that they are considered a woman, presumably applies at least mi'safek to Yichud...
comment T-Fal Thermo Spot Heat Indicator Cookware on Yom Tov & Shabbos
I have notes with many sources on this topic, including: Forehead thermometers, Coors Beer - Cool/Super Cool indicators, child safety spoons with heat indicator, coffee mugs with heat sensitive text, transitions (photogray) glasses - tinted only when in the sun and diapers with wetness indicators. However it is all in Hebrew. Can I just put them in as an answer or do I have to translate the sources to English first?
comment What happens to the family of a Kohen today if his wife is a victim of rape?
@seekingclarity, I'm sorry, I did not have time to translate. I will try to do it later or tomorrow, be"h.
comment What happens to the family of a Kohen today if his wife is a victim of rape?
@shulem, Sorry, I haven't provided a link because I could not seem to get that volume opened on Hebrewbooks. I did provide the exact location, you can reference it.
comment If two separate studies intersect, is it a good sign?
A "siman yafeh" for his learning. Alternatively, a sign that the learning is "lishmah".
comment The order of the wording of the Ben Sorrer U'Moreh source Mishnah
Regarding your comparison to עמוני ולא עמונית: note that Rashi to Ruth 4:6 states that Ploni made a mistake regarding עמוני ולא עמונית. Rashi does not even mention מואבי ולא מואבית which would actually be the relevant part of the drasha. The simple explanation mentioned by many would be pretty much what you said: the drasha was said a certain way, and mentioning the part was like mentioning the whole thing.
comment If two separate studies intersect, is it a good sign?
The omens referred to in Deut. are omens upon which one will make a decision whether or not to do something, or if today is an appropriate day to do something. No one would suggest that one who has not seen two studies intersect should stop learning - merely that if one does have the occurrence, it is a good sign.
comment Vashti was never Killed
That just says he remembered her. It may not have befitted him to change his mind. Or, more likely, once she hand been banished - written into the laws of Persia and Media that she not appear before the king - it was irreversible. Like we see later in the megillah, a decree issued with the king's signet could not be reversed, even by the king.
comment Is one allowed to smoke Marijuana?
As noted in another answer, this may depends as well if the person is doing it for medicinal purposes. In that case, much of the tshuva may well be irrelevant.