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Questions about meat and its derivatives. But for questions about combining milk and meat, use the basar-bechalav tag instead.
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worn over one's clothes during the morning prayers (Shacharit). The tallit has special fringes known as tzitzit attached to its four corners.
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Questions about halachic deciders and their rulings.
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Questions relating to how a Jewish life should be led.
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One of the books that make up the "Kesuvim" (or "Writings). Composed mostly by King David, but includes chapters by Adam, Avraham, King Shlomo (Solomon) and others.
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A sacrifice. Refers to the animal and food sacrifices brought in the Temple.
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a branch of Orthodox Judaism founded by Rabbi Yisrael Baal Shem Tov in the 18th century. His followers in turn branched out, leading to many different schools of Chassidus.
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the mitzva (command) to count the forty-nine days from Pesach (Passover) to Shavuos (Pentecost)
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Questions about the the blessings of thanks recited after eating.
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Questions about the Hebrew letters, or aleph-bet.
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discouraged as questions on StackExchange. Any riddle questions posted here are likely to be closed.
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the temporary house in which we live on the holiday of Sukos (Tabernacles) each year
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reasons (as best as we can understand them) for the Mitzvot/Commandments
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Questions about kosher certification of commercial food products.
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The weekly Torah portion of Bereshit (Genesis 1:1-6:8)
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NOTE: For professional medical advice, please contact your physician.
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About the history and origins of words.
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seeing, sight, vision, watching, blindness
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Jewish law and custom relating to meals.
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Questions about kings and monarchy in Judaism.
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threatened; most (though not all), Jewish laws are suspended in order to save a life.