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Firstly, the צמח דוד, referred to in another answer, was actually first printed in 1592. Secondly, the first source I've found is מכילתא דרבי ישמעאל; the term can also be found in סמ"ג, in ספר חסידים, in Maharsha, and in numerous other seforim. On the other hand, the incidence of this term is not particularly frequent. If we replace 'Zionism' with 'Modern ...


Here is an article about Christian Zionism. With Zionism as you defined it in your question, there is a big difference to being a Zionist and being a Jew. With Wikipedia's definition of Zionism, this is a "movement of Jews and Jewish culture" by definition. Someone could ostensibly be a member of Jewish culture and not a Jew (many children of ...

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