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Here is an article about Christian Zionism. With Zionism as you defined it in your question, there is a big difference to being a Zionist and being a Jew. With Wikipedia's definition of Zionism, this is a "movement of Jews and Jewish culture" by definition. Someone could ostensibly be a member of Jewish culture and not a Jew (many children of ...


The title of this question and the text of the question seem to me to be very different, and all of this would have been a comment until it got too long. I'll address the 'premises' of the question first. I don't really see how these assumptions connect to the question, other than the first (which has been strangely numbered '0'), but here it is: 0) The ...


See the writings of Rav Kook for example. Also look up the debates during the abandonment of Gush Katif (Gaza) and the discussions of the Rambam and the Ramban of the mitzvah of settling the land.

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