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In terms of the central question, namely does what a non-Jew incorrectly perceives as violating Halacha constitute a chillul Hashem, there is a Magen Avrohom (O.C. 244:8) which calls it a chillul Hashem to have non-Jews publicly do construction on your behalf because non-Jews do not have work done for them on their religion (and they therefore consider us to ...


You can avoid any concerns about chillul Hashem by intercepting and correcting the negative impression your gentile coworker has of you. The problem here is an education gap, which you can fix. Your coworker believes that Shabbat starts at a particular time and that this is when all Jews start it. He took your "they're starting early" to mean "they're ...


There's online zmanim for flight From MyZmanim.com https://www.myzmanim.com/airdemo.aspx

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