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All this applies equally to lighting regular Shabbos candles. Common practice in America today is to calculate all z'manim based on a sunrise-to-sunset day, except for Sof zman krias sh'ma, so P'lag will always be before sunset. This is true even for those that will e.g. pray Mincha until 72 minutes after sunset. Historically there were places in Europe ...


Mekadesh Yisrael 252 discusses this and says that even though in such a situation one will light prior to Plag, there is no choice here and that is what must be done.


Shulchan Aruch O.C. 672:2 שכח או הדד ולא הדליק [....] ומיהו הני מילי לכתחילה; אבל אם עבר זה הזמן ולא הדליק, מדליק והולך כל הלילה. ואם עבר כל הלילה ולא הדליק, אין לו תשלומין If one forgot and didn't light, or purposefully didn't light [....] however, this is only lechatchila; if [the end of sunset] has passed and one didn't light, they should light ...


A shiur by Rabbi Aryeh Lebowitz that I listened to recently, but can't seem to find just now, notes that one option, recommended by Rabbi Baruch Simon, is that the person can light a flashlight on the plane. It has batteries present, so that is better than the usual electric menorah which relies on a power source that is not present (a power plant far ...


According to Rabbi Shlomo Fisher on ohr.edu, someone flying is exempt from lighting, because the rule is one candle per household ("נר איש וביתו;" Shabbos 21b); and if there's no one at home then there is no obligation to light.

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