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The Yerushalmi 5:8 learns that we blow shofar during mussaf from a completely different limmud. It also cites a variant of the "it was dangerous" reason but then offers another reason based on limmudim from pesukim.


The Baal HaTanya explains that time is a creation, like the rest of the world, so therefore the underlying spiritual state which creates the specific event - the two examples he speaks about are the times of Shabbat and of Kriat Shema - exist above time, and thus exist constantly. Rather, it is the specific time and place where this spiritual state is ...


this is a very good question. the way the Talmud today is set up was a reaction to preserving the laws and how the written Torah is to be understood. As such there were two aspects of the Torah that were given at mount sinai to the Jewish people which were the oral Torah and the written Torah. The discussions of the Rabbis in the Talmud are about the oral ...

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