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Rabbi Eliezer Melamed, quoting Biur Halacha 418 Rosh Chodesh Asur & Kaf Hachaim 418:3, says it is forbidden for one to not eat in order to fast. However, if it happens that one does not eat for a while there is no problem. Thus the answer is that it is not mandatory to eat before solar noon, so long they are not intentionally fasting. ולכן אסור ...


In one wakes up after Chatzot HaLayla he should pray Arvit and after Arvit, bless Birkot HaShachar, and even if he goes back to sleep after all of that he does not bless Birkot HaShachar again in the morning. There is a debate regarding "הנותן לשכוי בינה" which the Shulchan Aruch (46, 13) says not to bless before Alois HaShachar but the Mishna Berura brings ...

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