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Yosef is mitzad olam hazeh, the brothers are mitzad olam habah (the entire Patterns in Time on Chanuka revolves around this theme). Hashem created olam hazeh with a heh. Sephas lo yodaati eshma, a malach taught Yosef the 70 languages. That is Yosef became the nexus of all patterns of living and thus ruled the world. I.e. Yosef acquired the heh, the ...


Perhaps it is because the ב...It would be weird to have it be spelled בִּיוֹסֵף, so perhaps the ה is there to make the pronunciation smoother? בִּיהוֹסֵף?


The gemara in sotah 10b says it is because he was מקדש שם שמים בסתר by not falling for אשת פוטיפר. The context can be understood as referring to יוסף's time in Egypt and hence this is an appropriate place to make that reference.


Ibn Ezra says it's a more glorious version of Joseph's name, used here because "Joseph" refers to the Jewish people.


It's pronounced Yeho-sef. The reason why its spelled like that is because(i think) it implies Gd is with him. The Yeho is the first few letters of YKVK, like EliYAHU, but when hashem's name (yah/yahu) is in the front of a name its yeho.

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