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From the Sefer Ateres Moshe Aron: 1.Esrog - charif , Magen Avraham 557:33 in the name of the Rashba 2.Onion - charif , Shulchan Aruch 96:2 ,Sifsei Daas 96:12 3.Olive - charif (see footnotes for further discussion ) 4.Horseradish - charif , Rama 96:2 , Darchei Moshe 96:4 (stricter than radish) 5.Sauerkraut - charif , Taz 96:12, Yad Yehuda 96:32 - not ...


Ginger is a davar charif as you suspected. This is found in Chayei Adam klal 49 siff 4, subsequently brought in Maadanei HaShulchan 96 2 s.v. 38. As far as the heter of cutting many sharp foods in a row, that is found in the Shulchan Aruch Yoreh Deah 96 siff 4 with the explanation of the Ramma. However there are varying degrees on relying on this opinion, ...


Presumably when we stopped concerning ourselves with the laws of purity, sometime around the year 200. Until that point I needed to know if someone was a Nida, as it would affect whether I could eat a sacrifice or the like. Since then, unless it's my wife, it's really none of my business.

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