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Question 1: Does the widow (sister-in-law, yovomoh) have the right to refuse the deceased husband's brother (yovom)? Before yibbum, yes: ואמר רב ששת אמר ר' אלעזר משום רבי אלעזר בן עזריה מנין ליבמה שנפלה לפני מוכה שחין שאין חוסמין אותה שנאמר לא תחסום שור בדישו וסמיך ליה כי ישבו אחים יחדיו Rav Sheshes said in the name of Rabbi Elazar in the ...


The Rambam deals with this situation as with many others Yibbum vChalitzah - Chapter Two The quoted sections below should answer your questions. It appears that the choice is completely with the brother(s). Also note that if a brother jumps in and performs chalitzah (or yibum) the other brothers cannot do anything about that. The Rambam also deals with cases ...

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