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In meged givas olam Rabbi Shurkin quotes reb Moshe Feinstein as saying never record a shiur! Learn HOW to listen to a shiur by listening to it live. Whatever you get, you get, and by the next days shiur hopefully your skills to listen to a shiur will have improved and you will grasp more. And so on each day. But to answer your question, it all depends on ...


I'm unaware of specific halachic rulings or teshuvot regarding this, so this is my observation. About thirty years ago, when I was in high school, my freshman rebbe would absolutely forbid recording him, and occasionally confiscated anyone bringing a recorder into the shiur. I will explain his thinking, later. I can't say what was done at adult shiurim, as ...


I have learnt by Rav Meir Stern-one of the greatest Roshei Yeshiva in America. He was attached to all the Rambams on the sugya. He did discuss many Rans as well. That's regarding the Rishonim. Achron that he said over often was the Birchas Shmuel.

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