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Those who hold it is forbidden in the Diaspora: Rif, Rosh, Rambam, Rav Avraham Ben HaRambam, Semag, Semak, Ittur, Mordechai, Raavyah, Haghot Maymoniot, Ritva, Eshkol, Kolbo, Tashbetz, Sefer HaChinuch, Or Zarua, Rabbeinu Yerucham, Meiri, Terumat HaDeshen, Piskei Tosfot, Haghot Ashiri, Tur, Bach, Beit Yosef, Rama. Those who hold it is permitted in the ...


There are four reasons some permit chodosh, as described in this article: 1 Many authorities permitted the new grain, because the new crop may have been planted early enough to be permitted, and, in addition, the possibility exists that the available grain is from a previous crop year, which is certainly permitted. This approach accepts that chodosh ...


The Kaf HaChaim OC 489 sk 112 seems to permit Chadash liquid derivatives (such as whiskey) even for someone who is particular about regular Chadash grain.


It's a machlokes Tanna'im, Amora'im, Rishonim, Achronim and contemporary poskim. The original machlokes is how to interpret "bchol moshvoseichem" in the Torah. Most of the standard rishonim holds it does apply mdoraysa in chutz l'aretz (Rambam, Rif, Rosh) and this is how the shulchan aruch paskens. Most people have been lenient on this issue for a long time, ...


You can get a pdf of R' Yosef Herman's authoritative "Guide to Chodosh" by sending a blank email to chodosh@sefer.org. This will be the third and final issue (the season ends with the arrival of Pesach). There is some introductory information in the first issue, but I don't think it's available for download anymore. There really isn't any easy rule of ...


In Or Letzion Volume 1 Helek Yoreh Deah Siman 15, Hacham Abba Shaul rules that although one should not rely on the common versions of the safek sifeka during the week, on Shabbat one may if you have no alternative (he says "during the week just eat a lot of rice").


(Background: Biblically, the new grain becomes permitted at dawn on the 16th of Nissan if there is no Korban Omer being brought, but Rabbi Yochanon ben Zakai enacted to wait the whole day now that there is no Temple.) The Talmud (Menachot 68b) records: רב פפא ורב הונא בריה דרב יהושע אכלי חדש באורתא דשיתסר נגהי שבסר קסברי חדש בחוצה לארץ דרבנן ולספיקא לא ...


No. Sefardim follow the mechaber (as Reb Ovadia Yosef writes "קבלנו הוראות מרן") except in select cases such as when it differs from minhag or if its a safaik brachos. Sometimes sfardi achronim like the ben ish chai or kaf hachayim bring down halachos based in the rama, but they tend to be chumros not kulos. The mechaber clearly paskens in yoreh deya 293 ...


According to S"A Y"D 293 it applies everywhere and the Rama doesn't disagree. However, the Ashkenazim accepted the Bah (on the Tur) to be Mekil out of Eres Yisrael on gentiles grain.

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