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No, not a Melacha DeOraysa. It's not permanent, and in fact requires constant active application of electricity to maintain. If you were to pull the plug, it would instantly disappear. As such, it would at most be an Issur DeRabbannan. Please see these questions for more information: Is it permissible to erase the name of G-d from an E-reader? Is ...


I discovered that the מגילת אסתר of the תורה שלֵמה has some answers: For פרמשתא, citing מדרש רבי עקיבא בן יוסף על אותיות קטנות:‎ פרמשתא, ש׳ ת׳ של פרמשתא קטנה, הסר פ׳ ור׳ וישאר שמתא.‏ This one is hard to translate and explain. So I'll leave it as is. For ויזתא: The Gemara in Megila (16b) says in the name of Rav Yochanan - the Vav of ...

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