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The tikkun in question in the original was the long version found in the Mantua edition. The Vilna edition of Tikunei HaZohar with the commentary of the Vilna Gaon mentions this in the main text at the end of the shortened version. The 5th volume of Tikunei HaZohar with the commentary of Ohr Yakar also has the long version. And the long version is also what ...


The claim that this text was censored and that this is somehow related to Shabbatai Tzvi seems unlikely for two reasons: The text is moved to tikkun 21 and not removed entirely (beginning on 48a in the 1740 Qushta edition) The suggestion that this text be moved to tikkun 21 appears long before Shabbatai Tzvi. For example see this, but unfortunately the ...

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