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Chabad.org has an article entitled Spiritual Graphology--The Soul of Handwriting, Finding the Mind, Body and Soul Connection. It starts with a quote based on the Rebbe ztz”l May G‑d help you fulfill the teaching of our sages, that "G‑d should be realized in every mundane thing" – as, for example, how the soul's control over the body can be ...


I certainly would not like the dagger † to be placed after my name if I were no longer alive. The related question provides several possibilities amongst which the following seem most appropriate (to be used after the name). ע״ה = alav/aleha hashalom "Peace be upon him/her" ז״ל = zichrono/ah livracha "May his/her/their memory be a blessing" I see that ...


As Avrohom Yitzchok already mentioned, the cross may not go over so well. Some alternatives are ע"ה (a"h) and ז"ל (z"l) [as mentioned before]; זצ"ל (zt"l) [may the memory of a righteous one be for blessing] is another good option, as well as OB"M [of blessed memory]. If we're talking about a list of people, some of whom are alive, and some of whom are not, ...


I believe that many current printings are changing the Rashi script into block script. One reason to use Rashi script is a very technical one: When multiple commentaries are printed on a page, it presents a visual difficulty. By writing half of the commentaries in Rashi script, it is easier for a person to visually track and read each commentary.

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