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The word קרי appears only seven times in tanach*, and all of them are here in this section, (according to the Mesorah Ketana,) so there's some dispute about exactly what this word means and what its root is. *I'm including the word בקרי, also only found here, in this count. I've seen the following explanations: Happenstance (1) The ספרא, as brought by ...


Rashi to that passuk (first p'shat) says it means that Avraham and his children should have the power to give brachos; up until this point, Hashem gave the brachos, not people.


From the Kabale point of view, Elokeinu refers to Gvurah, which is usually translated into rigor and justice. This world is under Gvurah attribute (Yalkut shim'oni). Malkhut isn't Gvurah : Malkhut is reign. In fact, it is the attribute that is above and below in Sder Hischtalchelous. Which means Malkhut transfers all 9 attributes above her to the world ...


Although I never learned the sugya in Gittin, I actually just got through learning the sugya in Bava Metzia. When I learned that story, I understood that story quite literally: the man was such a wicked person, he slept with someone on Yom Kippur. Not only that, but he slept with a Na'arah Ha'meorasah. (Both are assur on a d'Oraisa level, the former ...

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