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In the Zohar it gives two related interpretations of this verse. First, the context it places this in is that this is a reference to The Jewish People as the Eishes Chayil. Within that, her husband is a reference to Hashem. Known in the gates, the Zohar then gives two ways to understand. One is שערים related to the word השערה - estimation. We can't truly ...


Some sources that men and women are obligated in mayim acharonim are given in a comment to Women and Mayim Acharonim. They are: Ben Ish Chai, First Year, Parshat Shelach, #11 and Halacha Berurah 181:1. Halichipedia says that both men and women are obligated in mayim acharonim and gives the following sources: Torah Chaim Sofer 181:1, Sh"t Shalmat Chaim ...

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