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I have found that at Purim meals where no one gets seriously drunk, everyone tends to have an equivalently-good time. How good a time that is, of course, depends on the quality of the company, conversation, etc., just like at any other gathering. If you're looking for a great source of both holy and fun holiday-appropriate conversation-starters, I recommend ...


My mother likes going to a women's megillah reading, where women read for women. She says going, especially reading, gives her a feeling of being more involved on Purim.


The idea that you are referring to is called "Chomer" and "Tzurah" and is a recurring theme in the philosophy of the Maharal that extends beyond the mashal of man/woman. The Maharal (Gur Aryeh, Devarim: 25:18) relates that all of creation is built in two complementary systems - Tzurah and Chomer. Tzurah is the influential force, providing a general ...


Whatever it is that would cause a fetus to die or grow sickly, whether it is the sins of the parents or a gezeira or nature roulette, which is 'hanging over the head' of this fetus, will be effected by the kaparos which will draw that away into the chicken. http://hebrewbooks.org/pdfpager.aspx?req=50519&st=&pgnum=241

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