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You've already cited the relevant source, but maybe it's worth seeing the Shulchan Arukh (YD 264:1) inside: הכל כשרים למול אפי' עבד אשה וקטן וערל ישראל שמתו אחיו מחמת מילה ואם יש ישראל גדול שיודע למול הוא קודם לכלם (וי"א דאשה לא תמול וכן נוהגין להדר אחר איש).‏ All can circumcise, even a slave or a woman or a child or an uncircumcised Jew. And if ...


This is pretty common in old* Siddurim. You can see omitting just ועל בריתך שחתמת בבשרינו on Hebrewbooks here here here here and here and on Hebrewmanuscripts.org manuscript #747. You can see omitting that phrase plus ועל תורתך שלימדתנו on Hebrewbooks here and on Hebrewmanuscripts.org manuscript #1762. This siddur is not clear how much exactly to omit. ...


The Italian nusach Bnei Roma omits ועל בריתך שחסמת בבשרנו for women.


A related question was recently on The Workplace, and one of the answers there offered a phrasing I like. While dodging the physical interaction (more about that in a moment), you can say "I'm sorry, my religion allows me to shake hands only with my wife" (or husband, for women in this position). Or you could say "touch" instead of "shake hands with" if ...


The Sefer Daas Kedoshim (רפט) in discussing the mitzvah of affixing the mezuzah has a doubt if it was put up by a minor. The sefer Mikdash Me'at (שם ס"ק ב) brings the words of the Magen Avraham (ס' יט ס"ק א) which address clearly that the main aspect of the mitzvah of mezuzah is not the affixing, rather the mitzvah is to live in a home that has a mezuzah, ...


Tashlumin always has to be after an ordinary obligatory prayer, so in your case in order to say the Tashlumin she would have to Daven Maariv first and then say the Tashlumin. (Halichot Shelomo Tefillah chapter 13 footnote יא‏)


Regarding female masturbation: Rav Moshe in Iggros Moshe (ח"א ס'סט') Masturbation for a woman is, according to the strict letter of the law permitted as they do not have the seed of a man. However it is forbidden per the prohibition of licentious thoughts Regarding foreplay between husband and wife, there are poskim which permit pleasuring ones wife ...


The simplest reading is reminding noblemen how to behave. Don't spend all your energy womanizing! Sure enough the next verse talks about ... drinking too much, another vice.

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