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I don't know about 7 days of circling the alter on sukkot. But on the last day of sukkot the alter is circled 7 times that is meant to resemble the 7 circles around the walls of Jericho. And some say that the 7 circles on a wedding is to break the wall between the bride and the groom. So that may be the link between all three. All link back to breaking the ...


Nitei Gavriel Nisuin1 9:7:11 quotes this Minhag in the name of Chupas Chasanim 6:1 (appx year 1800), Yalkut Mai'am Lo'aiz Devarim 22:12 (appx year 1700), Taamei Hamitzvos L'Rikanti (appx year 1300) - Mitzva 226

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