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To understand why we make the couple happy, we must first point out the way we make them happy, which is by praising them. As the gemara in Kesuvos 17 asks 'how do we dance before the bride? By saying she is attractive and kind'. The reason to praise the bride and groom is so they should be happy with their decision to get married. As Beis Hillel ends the ...


The Vilna Gaon states that simcha can exist internally, but sasson is a greater level of simcha where it manifests itself externally through your actions. That's why we say "Yasis alayich elokayich kimisos chassan al kallah" - during the wedding he is more than happy, he is "overjoyed."


Nitei Gavriel Nisuin1 - 16:2 says it is best that the poles should be anchored into the ground, however in note 3 at the bottom he brings from Igros Moshe OC4 70:7 that it is not necessary to delay a Chupa if it is not anchored and people may hold the poles. On the next page he mentions that the Minchas Yitzchak 5:30 says that leaves and flowers should not ...


The whole point of the yichud room is to provide seclusion of sufficient duration so that the marriage could technically be consummated. Traditionally we don't do so, but you certainly could. And kissing is certainly not a problem. Interesting side note - some traditions invert the order of the yichud room so that instead of taking place after the chuppah, ...


Nit'e Gavriel, Nisuin 1, chapter 37, is about the yichud room and he mentions no prohibition on kissing that I see.

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