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A hat with a brim can keep your head and shoulders fairly dry in a light rain (but won't help with wind). Hats with a brim of a tefach or more might be a problem (h/t, err, to DoubleAA), so seek halachic guidance. This does assume that you will take the hat off when you arrive or that you don't care about it being wet, so if all you require is a kippah ...


If you wear a hat, you can use a Shayne Coat, which will cover your clothes and your hat. (there are also shtreimel models of the coat)


From your assessment about the impracticality of observing and experimenting it seems your understanding of ruach meyzuyah is a wind that under normal circumstances can and might eventually blow, I would suggest that this is not the case. Rather, Ruach metzuyah means a wind that does blow. Practically constantly. First of all is the Mechaber in hilchos ...


This Star K article states: (highlighted words are mine) If a normal prevailing wind (ruach metzuya) can blow the schach off the sukkah, one may not tie the schach down to hold it in place. The reason is that an item which is not kosher for schach (e.g. string) may not be used to hold down kosher schach. Instead, one must place a wooden beam ...

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