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Ruach was the first herald to the shechinah mentioned in malachim 19:11, followed by ra'ash, then eish, then the kol demamah dakah (shofar). That also seems to follow the structure of har sinai - the cloud came first (ruach), then the ra'ash came before the eish, and right before it says the dibros it says "Kol hashofar halech vichazek me'od." Most ...


I have a hard time imagining a situation in which you're being forced to evacuate but there isn't some recognizable threat to life. As A.L. said, in the case of pikuach nefesh, you are clearly allowed to do anything to save yourself or someone else, even travelling outside the techum shabbos. If they is something that would be a pikuach nefesh, but there ...

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