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My strategy, which has worked well for me in the past, is to drink 6 (six) liter-size bottles of Glaceau SmartWater on the day before the fast. The reason SmartWater works (much) better than water is that it contains electrolytes to replace those that would otherwise be flushed out of your body by drinking tons of water. Your body needs to have them, or ...


Another example will be not to eat before feeding your animals, but drinking is permitted (I will b"n find the source) (similar regarding before shachris) Regarding "penance, personal fast day, " in my understanding of the kabolistik customs regarding these things is that anything that is a hit on your body will work (as least for something)


It is undoubtedly clear and evident that most prophecies are given in images, for this is the characteristic of the imaginative faculty, the organ of prophecy. We find it also necessary to say a few words on the figures, hyperboles, and exaggerations that occur in Scripture. They would create strange ideas if we were to take them literally without ...


The Bnai Yisrael needed to be reminded of the intrinsic danger of the midbat through which they traveled because they themselves did not see. The ananei hakavod took care of the snakes and scorpions. It was intrinsically a land in which thirst was a major danger, because of the heat and dehydration that would occur, and there were no oases in which they ...

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