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My rav cited the book "The Kosher Kitchen" (will edit in more details in a few days...) It depends on the purpose of the soaking. If it is just to soften the bulgur, there is no problem, as the prohibition (melacha) of soaking applies just to clothes. If the purpose is to cause the dirt, stones, or other grinds to float to the top, then there is a problem ...


Yalkut Shimoni (763) says Moshe was told to learn a perek (mishnah) and the rock would give water. See Alshich for explanation


In his commentary to that Numbers (20:8), Rav Sa'adyah Gaon renders "אל הסלע" as "על הסלע". (according to R. Yosef Qafih's Hebrew translation of R. Sa'adyah's Arabic.) In his notes there, R. Yosef Qafih explains that the intent was not that Moshe should speak to the stone, but rather that he should speak to the Jews in the proximity of the stone. ...


The ramban says their chet was they implied the rock should give water because of their instruction, so they should have said to the rock, Hashem says you should give water.

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