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Another name for it is Isarusa Dilesato אתערותא דלתתא, An arousal of below. It's when we work hard to achieve an inspiration to connect with and serve Hashem. It's called מים נוקבין mayim nukvin because the giver (Hashem) in chassidus is considered male and the recipient (us) is considered female. Our אתערותא דלתתא can cause an אתערותא דלעילה, also called ...


A beracha rishona is made on any amount of anything edible (Tur O.C. 210:1), including things which aren't so good (O.C. 204:1). So you would make a shehakol. Beracha Acharona could depend on a machlokes about shiurim of foods which are normally consumed more slowly. Something which the normal way to consume it is to have less of it at a time, as I assume ...

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