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The grammarian's answer is that cholam and shuruk are interchangeable. So writes Radak, Ben-Zev, and one of today's greatest Hebrew grammarians, R. Meir Mazuz. Why one is chosen in one instance and the other in another is simply a matter of style. Interestingly, R. Yosef Bechor Shor interprets "מול" here as "to cut" as it is used most often in reference to ...


A meteg can indeed set a short vowel in an open syllable.


The opinion of the Minchat Shai (and most commentators, from what I can tell), is that a meteg on a short vowel in a closed syllable is almost always a euphonic meteg (there for stress or to stop you from swallowing a syllable, but not for the vowel quality), and thus does not affect the following shva. See also Geoffrey Khan's The Tiberian Pronunciation of ...

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